and people interested in adoption


This seminar offers a mixture of professional input and joint exchange between the participants. Different topics will be looked at, real experiences and ways of thinking will be exchanged. Participants benefit from a development process and gain clarity on the questions: Is adoption the right path for me? What does adoption mean for the child and its personal development? And what does it mean for us to be an adoptive family? Which stumbling blocks and hurdles should we keep in mind? 

In Germany, it is obligatory for all applicants of adoption procedures to participate in at least one preparatory seminar. The contents of this seminar will prepare you legally for the process of the determining your suitability for adoption, as well as the adoption placement procedure. You will benefit from the preparation for a life with an adopted child and the experience exchange with the other participants. This seminar is recognized by numerous adoption agencies.

Basics in the adoption placement process and subject of this seminar

  • The suitability determination procedure
  • Legal risks
  • Position of all parties involved in the process abroad
  • The adoption placement process
  • Legal basis abroad- adoption form
  • The right parents for a child 

Become and be adoptive parents

  • The own childlessness
  • Excursus on the desire to adopt- self-reflection and a view on the child 

The child in the adoption placement process

  • Separation experience of a child
  • Grief in children
  • Bonding development- in context of adoption
  • Traumatic experiences in children
  • Integration of an adopted child
  • Necessary educational attitude
  • Identity development of an adopted child
  • What is identity?
  • How does a child's identity develop
  • Identifying conflicts regarding adoption
  • Childrens identity with two families
  • One's own attitude towards the family of origin
  • unknown system of origin
  • Importance of biography work
  • Possibilities of biography work
  • Follow-up by the mediating agency

Dates and prices:

28. & 29.06.24   148,75 €*
9 - 16:30 each day    

* All prices in Euro per participant incl. VAT.